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Anthony Arthur on Chronic Illness and Unconditional Self-Love

To anyone dealing with a chronic illness, you are correct - it is not fair.

Asking “Why me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?”, and even “Where do I go from here?” are all completely natural.

Statistics about your illness and whether it is common or rare offer little to no peace, as the numbers do not really seem to matter as much when it is your diagnosis and your responsibility to bear the weight of that.

I often find myself contending with my own diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. No matter how much I have hated it, understood it, had a great relationship with it, or wished that it was not my burden to bear, my diagnosis has never cared about how I thought or felt toward it. My diagnosis has always been there with me, needing me to do my part to live a life of quality.

Understand that as a person with a chronic illness, your lifestyle will be unique and different from the statistical majority. However, you are not your diagnosis. The quality of life that is awaiting you will be defined by the choices you make—your perspective matters. You matter. You must love yourself in everything you do.

If you are dealing with an illness - any illness, you do not have to do so alone. Our team at Mosaic Wellness is here to listen to you and offer an outlet to discuss your relationship with your diagnosis. Although you may always experience some periods of discouragement with your battle, please know that your illness neither defines you nor requires you to go through it alone.

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