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Physician Testimonial

"I recommend Mosaic Wellness to all of my patients that are in need of mental health counseling.  I have worked closely with Stephanie Knight Clarke and I can honestly say she is the most compassionate person I’ve ever met.  She has created a warm, welcoming space where my patients feel comfortable opening up. The entire staff at Mosaic Wellness shares Stephanie’s vision of providing personalized mental health counseling to patients of all ages, and they truly go out of their way to accommodate each patient’s specific needs. As a physician, I feel very fortunate to have such high-quality, committed mental health care providers serving this community."

-Teresa Sitler, MD

Client Testimonial

"I started seeing Stephanie for counseling on the advice of my family physician. My emotional and mental health had begun to really affect my physical health. I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t stop thinking about recent and past issues in my life. My doctor was wise enough to realize I needed professional counseling. When she asked if I would consider counseling I was hesitant, but she asked if she could make a referral for me with someone who had worked with some of her other patients with very good results.

When I met with Stephanie for the initial consultation, I went in with no real expectation that counseling would help, but I was desperate for relief. By the end of that hour, I had a glimmer of hope. Stephanie’s personality was engaging and energetic. Her demeanor was professional and direct and her confidence caused me to think that I could possibly learn to make changes in my thought process that would lead to wellness. I’m certain her confidence came from her extensive education, knowledge, and experience. My confidence came from her certainty that change was possible and her assurance that she would work with me, teach me proven methods and equip me with the tools to make real changes in my life.


The process was not always easy and didn’t happen overnight, but I am emotionally and mentally stronger now than I’ve been in a very long time. I think Stephanie has more than just education and experience though, she also has compassion and a caring heart. That might not be something you find with every counselor, but I’m thankful I found it in her."

Client Testimonial

"A few months ago I found myself going down into a dark place. One where I had given up hope and happiness. Dangerous and ugly thoughts plagued my mind to where I didn’t want to live. I had never been to counseling or a therapist of any kind. When I found Mosaic Wellness, I found myself again. The person was still there, but it had retreated into my mind. Stephanie Clarke helped me profoundly. She listened to me, she coached me, and she became someone I could trust and confide in. Stephanie helped me get out of my mind and find my true self again. I was always worried what others thought about me but I reached no judgement from Stephanie, only understanding. 


I found the person that I once was and it gave me a purpose again to go on living. She gave me a sense of peace from the turmoil with mindfulness, and got me to see the world, my world, differently. To know that my mistakes were ok, and that I didn’t need to be a perfectionist anymore, that I could just be me. I could make my own happiness once more. I will be forever grateful for my experience with Mosaic Wellness."

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